Be, Fall

The smoke swirls, a kaleidoscope, above scented water, euphoria, turned to, cacophony, then, clarity, at close.  From the outset, you danced with me, your movements aligned, to vocal abandon, and soulful violins.  May this mayhem, continue, wordlessly, beyond exhaustion, generating, a pregnant morning, outweighing, doubts, of descent.  Breaking, from obsessive imaginings, I aim, to address, you.   Surreptitiously, I study, your declarations and recollections, your reactions, to my expressions, in a group, customized for you, denying, and delighting, in, your smile.   We keep you, captive, so we must not begrudge, your constant assertions - incessant squawking, or sublime song.  Maybe I should be grateful, for my speed, I feel better running, or still, fearful at the gape, unperturbed, at the brink.