His solitary sojourns engender tuning, ideas and inspiration and culminate in desolate sanctuary.   He experienced immense pleasure, however, with her.  When they sauntered joyfully the trees responded with airy shelter and sprawling shadows.  When twilight was warm, he laid his head upon her lap and was swept by sleep.  She sat still, content, stroking his hair, sparingly.  Their arguments were passionate and, ultimately, fair.  He insisted he was concerned only with truth.  She countered that he was unwilling to fully reveal himself.  She seized and retreated rapidly.  He remained even for long bouts and then exploded.  He preached political reform, she shepherded the wounded.  Amid unbearable heat they dove together naked into a lake, performed gymnastics beneath a waterfall, shouted!   She hitchhiked the highway, sexy, unharmed.  He walked, regrets shed, to destinations, unknown.