(Un)still, Waiting

As the rational devolves to the radical, the sun’s appearance, wanes, warmth struggling, to soothe, piercing brightness, causing me, to pivot, to refuge, from haze.  The price of solar has decreased 80%, though still, they tether, to fossil fuel.  After decades of subterfuge, he conceded, humanity impacts weather, but assured shareholders, the earth need not be rescued, absent air-conditioning.  He activated the Dakota Pipeline, he claimed, for jobs gained, and said he had not heard, a word, in resistance, though tens of thousands objected, 700 were detained, some stung, by rubber bullets, and barraged by cold water, freezing, prayer.  He applauded himself, for opposing racism, poeticized justice, and opted against affordable prescription drugs, lest CEO salaries be diminished, or donors offended, as he prepares, to campaign.  Please let me find a quarter, father, she implored, as she scoured her bag, before, a scarcely, standing, public telephone.  There it is, she intoned, with relief, and gratitude, that’s my father.   I am limping home, moody, like, mother, feeling, vague pain, the misfortune, I might never, know, my foot shredded, my joy, stone.