We should not squander the shower, while sun remains, preserving the blackout’s intermittence, whispering, an intention, to evaporate, the toxins, of the minority - hostility, at a swell, of humanity, listening, to love.   We should wander, the margins, of a gentrifying neighborhood, industrial blocks, bordering a still quiet waterfront, dotted by lunch joints, where white hipsters, and latina proprietors, sweetly exchange holiday wishes, over sandwich purchases, where a grill closes, at 2pm.   We should gently, treat, chronic disease, the cures for which appear, among us, splendidly, in autumn’s ephemeral colors.  We should begin with road rage, and open windows widely, and locate, pleasure, in, the chill, as its harshness, intensifies, and thaws, feelings, foregone.   Let us take hiatus, from temporal television, and wash our faces, in saltwater, and observe, as our eyes, dilate, and our minds, accept, only, the unvarnished.