They say they failed, because, we held, the Halloween parade.  They say we will remain undeterred, and, unaffected, by their hatred, of freedom.  They call the cop a hero, the assailant a coward.  They say we will not blink, we will not change.   They balance a projection of strength and soberness,  humility and indignation.  They rehearsed these remarks mentally, for years, and still there was authenticity, mingling, in their expression, justice, meandering, in their hearts.  But I do not recall terror in Costa Rica, where elderly men, impoverished, by our measure, sit outside modest homes, doors ajar, faces baked, by sun, smiling, fully, at tourists.   And these incidents occur rarely in Scandinavia, where governments invest in health care, child care, and college, instead of stockpiling bombs, and embrace an ethic, of inter-dependency, whatever that means, as bemoaned an unfulfilled Presidential candidate, perturbed by the inconvenience of citizens, preferring equity, to an anointed monarch.  After 9/11, a few proclaimed the return of chickens, to be immediately deemed pariahs, stripped, forever, of CNN exposure.   But I believe, and Homeland ratings suggest, we know:  there is no us, and no they.