We tread on pavement, in the cold, our heads uncovered, demanding, retreat, exhorting, release. We pant, for justice, but shout, about fighting, and winning. Our statements, are ungrounded, in fact, and buoyed, because the time, grasped us, strangers joined, without greeting, in joy and anger -– it feels good, to be, unpaid, and flirting, with dancing, even, if with a shadowy partner. The police are kind, and one inquires, earnestly, of the meaning, of single-payer. A well-dressed advocate notes that most of those agitated, about gentrification, are, gentrifiers. To a live CNN audience, Bernie declared that Trump supporters do not favor Social Security cuts and tax advantages for hedge funds -- to not a single, registration, of disagreement. Rumi meditated of the field, beyond. And amid the majestic and foreboding forest, I will hew, to, you.