What if when encountered by narcissism in the workplace we remained cheerful and cooperative?  And in the face of indifferent customer service, we patiently stated our case?  And when confronted with a blaring horn, we considered the driver, with serenity?   

What if we meditated on every hurt and injustice, and breathed slowly, through each pebble, of pain, and exhaled, entirely?  

How about if we dissolved boundaries, permitting everyone to flee, meander, choose, to be -- re-born?

What might happen, should we elect, to allow, disorder, to unravel?  

Could we accept the churning, that might engulf us, should we give, in, to, excess?  

Would our bodies become like air and water, mingling, weightlessly?

Imagine we met the gaze of our apparent nemesis and remained, eyes inter-locked, for hours, uncounted. 

As if in a trance, might we remove, our arms, from our pockets, lay them aside?

Can we hear the birds invite us to?:  utter inaudibly, the ineffable, rest our knees, upon soil, pray, without awareness.