Are You Religious?

I don’t adhere to a formal religion.
            So you’re an atheist?
I wouldn’t say that.

What do you mean?

I’m unclear about God.  So I’m unsure whether I believe in it.  I’ve often heard God described as a governing entity - a supreme and omnipotent ruler and judge.  That doesn’t seem right to me.  Also, some behave as if God requires continual praise and worship, and this notion of an egotistical figure doesn’t harmonize with me either, and seems not to reconcile with frequent characterizations of God as understanding, benevolent and merciful.  Some indicate that God affords us free will, and that resonates for me, but it doesn’t prompt me to declare a belief in God.

So you’re agnostic?

I think not.  Because on the (too rare) occasions when I feel unfettered, I experience life as divine and imbued with meaning – so in that sense I’m an unambivalent believer.

Oh, so you’re spiritual?

I’d prefer not to be labeled but, yes, I’m comfortable with that description.

And what does spirituality mean?

To me:

Inner experience matters as much as the concrete circumstances of our lives.

What’s invisible is as significant – and frequently more compelling, intriguing and poignant – than what’s tangible.

Intuition is a magnificent ability, readily available to us.

Love, kindness, honesty, integrity, inspiration, grace, justice and empathy are natural forces – that can transcend fear, hate and violence.

The separations of race, religion, geography, gender, species and station are artificial -- and distract us from our essential connectedness and inter-dependence.

Nature is exquisite, precise, harsh, mysterious and, ultimately, glorious.

Guided by our deepest stirrings, our purpose is to realize the highest version of ourselves.

Hey, that sounds pretty cool.